Thursday, June 27, 2013

Miele Futura Diamond G5975SCSF - one of the most expensive residential dishwashers ever.

Miele is an appliance brand made in Germany and is not very common for US market. But logo "Made in Germany" is a promise of quality. And for 107 years Miele strives to fulfill the high requirements and provide to its consumers all over the world the highest appliance quality and durability.

The new Miele Futura DiamondG5975SCSF is supreme appliance for washing your dishes. As all the Miele products it is manufactured in Germany according to high quality Miele standards.   

The dishwasher has 6 wash programs with 10 special programs, including a higher-energy turbo mode which is intended to reduce running time by 30 percent and intensive mode that directs more washing power to heavily soiled items on the bottom rack at the same moment delicate items above.

Miele Diamond equipped with an adjustable racks, a built-in water softener, a soil sensor, a delayed-start feature, a stainless-steel tub, adjustable tines and a time-remaining display. Interior LEDs will light up when you open the door to help you see what you're loading and unloading.

With patented CleanAirTM Drying System there is no external air is ever introduced inside of the dishwasher. This provides the most effective and hygienic drying possible.

The stainless door resists fingerprints, scratches and smudges. The dishwasher is promised to be noiseless and water and energy-efficient. 

Miele also provides 5 years of complimentary warranty for their products which is much more than other manufactures commonly give as warranty for their dishwashers. Which is a good thing as repairing a dishwasher of such hi-end technology and complexity won’t be cheap and easy in any way. 

Miele Diamond is priced accordingly. For German quality and hi-end technologies you will have to pay $2699.00 on US market. Which makes it one of the most expensive residential dishwashers on the market. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dacor's announces their first oven with WI-FI

Dacor published on their website information about their new invention -  The Discovery™ 30."   This is 9th generation of 30” built-in-wall ovens by Dacor and the first oven with Wi-FI feature.   

New oven runs on Android and is powered by Samsung 1Ghz Processor with 512 MB DDR2 RAM.  7”LCD touch screen processes graphics and video, stereo system produces high quality sound.  

Special Android Application for Dacor users – Dacor Discovery  IQ will help to find new delicious recipes and watch video demonstration s of cooking process, all using home Wi-Fi network.
Cooking guide will not only help users to find the recipes, but also provide full cooking program for that exact dish. As the meal is put in the oven, you just need to push a button and the oven will initiate the program to cook restaurant quality food. No more guessing about temperature or cooking time.  And once the program is over and dish is ready, the application will send notification via text message.

The new Discovery 30" Wall Ovens will available for sale in USA in mid summer 2013 with a price tag of $7500 for Double wall oven and $4500 for single wall oven. 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is your refrigerator energy-efficient?

Is your refrigerator energy-efficient?

All of us have a refrigerator at our homes, but do we ever think how much it costs us in terms of electricity charges? Refrigerator is the only one appliance which runs constantly 24/7 and the cost of running a refrigerator can be up to 10% of our entire eclectic bill. 

Luckily new technologies work of improving energy-efficiency of new refrigerator models. They can look the same outside as they used to look 10-15 years ago, but inside there have been some dramatic energy efficiency improvements. The more energy efficient a refrigerator is, the lower your utility bill will be each month.

So when buying a new refrigerator there are really two price tags. The initial purchase price can be considered as the down payment. Yes, sometimes energy efficient models can be more expensive than less efficient units. But within years these energy-efficient models can be a better value; they have better insulation and more efficient compressors and at the same time are more energy-saving. If you buy cheaper refrigerator which missing new energy-saving features, you will be paying the second price tag on your monthly utility bill during all lifetime of refrigerator, or for about 10-15 years. Recent studies show that within 15 years you could spend as little as $277 or as much as $2,900 on electric bills for your refrigerator. We are not that rich to buy cheap thing, if you think about this way, as $2,900 is a price of new refrigerator.

There is a nice web-resource which can help evaluate energy-efficiency of your appliances and other home gadgets - You can type in your zip code and the program will help you to calculate electric costs for different refrigerator models using time frame from 1 year to up to 20 years considering the price per kilowatt in your particular area. They score all products from 0 to 100 and you can use this info when buying a new fridge or any other appliance.  It shows that average refrigerator score is 63, some Whirlpool and LG models have Energy Score 100. Very useful resource in my opinion.

by D&V Appliance Repair

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SAMSUNG Announce the First-Ever Four-Door Refrigerator with Sparkling Water Dispenser

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced recently their new refrigerator Samsung RF31FMESBSR 36” Four-Door Refrigerator featuring the industry’s first-ever automatic sparkling water dispenser. Powered by SodaStream, the integrated system delivers cold, filtered sparkling water from the same mechanism on the refrigerator door that produces still water and ice.

With the new Samsung Four-Door Refrigerator with sparkling water dispenser, you get sparkling water at a press of a button, using the same control panel you would use to select between water and ice. There are up to three levels of carbonation for the sparkling water. The sparkling water dispenser uses a standard SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinder that rests in a small, concealed area inside the left refrigerator door, which is easily accessible to change when empty.

With the addition of the sparkling water dispenser, consumers can save space in the refrigerator that was previously allocated toward bottled carbonated beverages and reduce bottle waste in the home overall. In addition, consumers will ultimately save money that was used to purchase carbonated beverages, all while enjoying the convenience of getting sparkling water at the touch of a button.

The 30.5 cu. ft. Samsung Four-Door Refrigerator with the sparkling water dispenser joins a long list of product innovations from Samsung that are revolutionizing the refrigeration category and offering best-in-class features for today’s dynamic homes. These include convenient storage features like the kid-friendly counter-height FlexZone drawer with four temperature settings, and the proprietary Twin Cooling Plus® technology that keeps food fresher longer. This model also includes high efficiency LED lighting to illuminate virtually every corner2 and the Ice Master ice maker which produces up to 10 lbs. of ice per day. These features are complemented by Samsung’s premium design and elegant finish, making it not only functional but beautiful as well.

The Samsung RF31FMESBSR Four-Door Refrigerator with a sparkling water dispenser is available for sale in the U.S. for an MSRP of $3699.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dryer fire prompts call for vigilance

Dryer fire prompts call for vigilance

Dryer fire prompts call for vigilance
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"Edmonton’s fire department reported 13 fires caused by burning dryers in 2012."

Tony Onisko and his wife Charlene say they were lucky to be home when something went wrong with their clothes dryer.
“I was playing with the kids in a fort we made and my wife was upstairs painting, and we both heard a bang,” Tony said.
They went to the laundry room and saw smoke coming out of the dryer.
“I pulled the plug,” said Tony, “I thought I solved the problem and said to Charlene, ‘Well, the dryer’s done.’”
He went back to play with his children and to think about appliance shopping.
“But 30 seconds later my wife called me and said it was fully engulfed,” he said.
“I saw piles of black smoke, gross black smoke and flames coming out of the dryer door.”
Without thinking Onisko grabbed the appliance and wrestled it out the door, through the garage and into the driveway.
Then he tried dousing the fire with buckets of water.
“No matter what I did, water was just not putting this fire out,” Onisko said.
He took an axe to the dryer to break it open so he could get at the flames.
Fire investigators concluded the fire began in the dryer’s plastic blower assembly.
Go Public took the melted remains of the blower to Gerrie Gemmell, manager of Aptco Appliance in Edmonton.
Gemmell said he’s seen many dryer fires over the year, and almost all were caused by a build up of lint in the machine.
Gemmell speculates a blockage of lint somewhere the dryer was preventing hot air from getting out of the dryer.
“When you have restriction you have fire,” Gemmell said.
Tony Onisko says his family cleaned the lint filter after every load. He says even he opened the back of the dryer every year and vacuumed the components and venting hoses.
He feels there must have been something wrong with the seven-year-old Frigidaire dryer to cause it to catch fire after the care he’d taken to keep it clean.
There have been no recalls of the dryer model and Gemmell says in his more than 40 years in the business, lint is almost always responsible.
He says one solution is to get the dryer cleaned at the same time as you get your furnace ducts cleaned.
“For (an extra) $25 they put their big power cleaner and clean up the base of the dryer and clean up the vent to the outside."
Edmonton’s fire department reported 13 fires caused by burning dryers in 2012.
Fire Investigator Cory Heggert agrees the problem is usually a lint build-up, either in the machine or in the venting leading to the outside of the house.
Heggert says that flexible plastic venting pipe that was commonly used a decade ago should be replaced because the ribbing traps lint and the tubing itself is not fire resistant.
“What we like to see is aluminum piping,“ Heggert said. “Try and stay away from (hoses) that are collapsible.”
Heggert’s other advice: never go out and leave your dryer, or other appliances such as the dishwasher, running.
“Just being around when these appliances are running could potentially save a life, save a house, save a lot of damage being done.”
Tony Onisko says his family was lucky.
“We had a lot of things going for us that day,” he said.
“The fact that we were home, that (the dryer) was close to the door to get it out, and the fact that I’m just big and could haul it out.
What I did learn, honestly, we’ll never leave the dryer running when we leave the house.”

D&V Appliance Repair commend to comply with fire safety using your home appliances. Remember that the flame can flare up from the tiniest spark. It is important to proper use and maintenance your home appliances. If your appliances start to multifunction, sounds or smells weird, please, call professional appliance repair company immediately.