Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sub Zero Appliances overview.

An American brand which builds refrigerators in the USA, the Sub-Zero Freezer Company Inc. is known for their high-performance refrigerators and wine preservation products.  Sub-Zero is one of the best brands of refrigerators and freezers in USA and are known for its superior quality. The company’s rise began in 1943 when Westye F. Bakke made his first freestanding refrigerator. It was two years later when Bakke founded his Sub-Zero Freezer Company.
According to the company’s history, it was Bakke who made the first ever free-standing freezer, and the same company was the first to have made built-in refrigerators as well, which are considered as great space savers. According to the their website, they are the only refrigerator manufacturer which makes use of the dual-refrigeration technology which they claim is what is behind their refrigerators’ ability to keep food fresher for longer.
Apart from their high-performance refrigerators and wine cooling racks, the Sub-Zero Freezer Company also offers other kitchen appliances but under the Wolf brand name. Their popular products include fuel ranges, built-in ovens which go great with the style of their built-in refrigerators, convection steam ovens, warming drawers, coffee systems, gas, electric, and induction cooktops, and microwave ovens.
The Pros and Cons of Using Sub-Zero Appliances
As with any kind of brand that offers kitchen appliances, there are pros and cons to consider which would help lessen the need for Sub Zero appliance repair if you are able to choose the kind of appliance that you would need from a reliable supplier. Sub-Zero refrigerators are known all over the world for their high quality, but there are pros and cons for this brand as well.
 The main disadvantage which everyone talks about when it comes to Sub-Zero appliances is the price of their refrigerating units. They have advanced continuously throughout the years and their refrigerators have features which help you preserve your food better. If you are concerned about your budget though, this kind of refrigerator is one which comes with a heavy price tag, so you will need to think it over before buying one.
The pros include: high technological features to keep your food fresher for much longer. Sub-Zero refrigerator has a construction with dual refrigeration technology. It has two separate compressors for freezer and refrigerator sections. Because of their dual refrigeration technology, food is kept in a much better condition for longer periods of time, which helps homemakers avoid food spoilage. The stylish designs of Sub-zero refrigerators also make them great choices, especially for modern homes. The doors and panels can even be customized to fit your personal preferences. A great plus as well is that these refrigerators can be made to fit your kitchen based on the dimensions you give to the supplier.